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 Do I need a Best Interest Attorney or Court Evaluator for my custody case?

     A Judge by use his or her discertion to appoint a Best Interest Attorney  to represent a minor child(ren) in a case where:

1) ​one of the parties has made a request to the court;

2) there is a hight level of conflict involved in the matter;

3) the situation involves inappropriate adult influence or manipulation;

4) past or current child abuse or negliect exits; 

5) there is past or current mental health problems of the child or party exists;

6) there are special physical, educatiion, or mental health needs of the child that require investigation or advocacy;

7) matters involve actual or threatened family violence;

8) alcohol or other substance abuse exists by one of the parties;

9) there exists a consideration of terminating or suspending a parent's access or awarding custody to a non-parent;;

10) parties assert a relocation issue which substantially limits the amount of time the child(ren) has with other siblings, the other parent, or both, or

11) any other factors that the court considers in the interest of justice.

        If you answer "yes" to one or more of the above reasons that a judge may appoint a BIA then you should consider whether you should ask the court to appoint a counselor for the child(ren).

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